October 25, 2016 -

Highlights From January 7, 2003

Full Time Junior And Senior Kindergarten
  The Board unanimously approved the continuation of full time Junior and Senior Kindergarten for the 2003-2004 school year. These programs will be reviewed on a yearly basis.
  The Physical Intervention/Restraint Policy was given first reading and will be posted on the website for input prior to being brought back for 2nd reading.
Accommodation Review Consultation
  The following dates for community input for accommodation review were approved:

Larder Lake Public School: January 28, 2003
Swastika Public School: February 20, 2003
Coronation Public School: February 26, 2003
P.A.C.E.: February 3, 2003
Gwen School: February 24, 2003

If this schedule is followed, further discussion can occur during March.
Cochrane Town Council - Tim Hortons Events Centre
  The Board approved in principle the establishment of an education and recreational campus complex, consisting of our current Cochrane High School, with future renovations and additions as planned, the Tim Horton Events Centre and the new French Catholic school on the lands surrounding Cochrane High School, currently owned by the Board, the Town of Cochrane and the Conseil scolaire du district des Grande Rivières.
Administrative Reports
  The following reports and minutes were approved

a) December 17, 2002 regular board minutes
b) EQAO Grade 3 and 6 Testing