October 25, 2016 -

Highlights From February 4, 2003

2002-2003 Revised Estimates
  The Board approved the 2002-2003 revised estimates following the release of additional monies from the Ministry of Education. Subsequent to the report of the Education Equality Task Force headed by Dr. Mordechai Rozanski, the Ministry of Education released additional monies to the Board to cover a 3% increase in salaries for all Board employees, special education funding to make up for the amounts the Board was already spending and a small increase in transportation funding. It was noted by trustees that the 3% percent increase in salaries from the ministry will assist the board to achieve a negotiated settlement with its unions and is intended to be a flow through in salary increases.
Day Care Centres
  The board approved, in principle, non-profit day care centres in the schools, where there is no significant cost to the Board.
W.E. Miller Career Fair
  Trustees discussed the recent Career Fair held at W.E. Miller Career Fair held at W. E. Miller Public School. The Career Fair made students aware of career opportunities in order to help them set realistic goals and prepare them to make the necessary transitions in their lives. Trustee Heather Bozzer praised the organizers and stakeholders for this well attended event. Organizer Joanna Brunski is to be applauded for this exciting initiative and the hard work that made it such a success.
By-Law 2003-04
  At the last meeting of the board, financing for Not Permanently Financed Debt was approved under By-Law 2003-3. By-Law 2003-04 will allow banking arrangements to be put in place for these transactions.
Accommodation Review - Community Consultation Dates
  Community consultation dates were reviewed due to scheduling conflicts and will proceed as follows:

- Swastika Public School - February 20th
- Gwen School - February 24th
- Coronation Public School - March 3rd
- PACE - March 5th
Increase in Staffing
  To allow invoices and expenses to be processed in a more timely manner, trustees agreed to reinstate a position of Accounts Payable Clerk in the business office.
  The following reports and minutes were approved

a) January 21, 2003 Regular Board Minutes
b) January 29, 2003 - Finance & Property Minutes