October 21, 2016 -

Highlights From May 20, 2003

Camp Bickell Tour/Board Meeting
  The May 20th board meeting was held at Camp Bickell to the delight of Trustees and Administration. A tour of the camp was given by Joe Campbell, Chair of the Camp Bickell Board of Directors. The tour allowed trustees to view first hand the construction projects being done by Broad Based Technology students of RMSS and TH&VS under the skilled tutelage of their teachers Barry Trebilcock and Rick Jakubiak.
Principal/Vice-Principal Appointments/Changes Of Assignment
  The following appointments and changes of assignment were made effective September 1, 2003:

Bertha Shaw PS: Principal: Maria Sheculski
Flora MacDonald PS: Principal: Lynda Forsyth
F.P.K Whitney PS: Principal: Mary-Ann Nielsen
Queen Elizabeth PS: Principal: Heather Rody
R. Ross Beattie PS: Vice-Principal: Jeremy Hall
Schumacher PS: Vice-Principal: Doug Turcotte
W.E. Miller PS: Principal:
Dean Lessard
Lee-Ann Wearing
Roland Michener SS: Vice-Principal: Alan McLean
TH&VS: Vice-Principal: Steve Pladzyk
Hearst High School/
Clayton Brown PS:
Principal: Wayne McKinnon
T.D.S.S.: Vice-Principal: Susi Johanson
Kapuskasing D.H.S.: Acting Principal: Helen Robb
Financing Of New School In Cochrane
  The Board authorized the Superintendent of Business and Finance and Treasurer to proceed with the financing of the G.H. Ferguson Public School replacement with National Bank Financing.
JK-12 School In Hearst
  Trustees voted in favour of having a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 school established at the current Clayton Brown site to ensure that the English language education survives in the town of Hearst.
Administrative Reports And Minutes
  The following administrative reports and minutes were approved:

a) May 6, 2003 Regular Board Minutes
b) May 13, 2003 Special Board Minutes
c) May 7, 2003 Special Education Advisory Committee Minutes
d) April 7, 2003 First Nations Advisory Committee Minutes
e) Information Technology Systems Update
f) Curriculum Update
g) Enrolment Summary - April 2003
h) Cash Disbursements - April 2003